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Extended Data

⚡️Great news from PSTNET News #1. We made transaction history even more convenient 🧐 News #2. We added a long-awaited function for media buyers – now users can see extended data about the status of transactions (HOLD & REFUND) * So, all PSTNET users now have access to new grouping features (in addition...


Virtual Cards for Facebook and Google Ads

In today's digital world, advertising is one of the most powerful tools that businesses and individuals use to grow their brand and reach new customers. However, traditional payment methods for advertising, such as wire transfers or bank cards, can be time-consuming and risky (for advertising campaigns). That'...


What Is The Safest Way To Pay Online

In today's digital age, making payments online has become commonplace. However, with the increasing prevalence of cybercrime, ensuring secure online payments has become a top priority. Worried about the security of your online payments? Read on to learn about the safest online payment methods, including anonymous payment options...

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