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CPA vs RevShare. What’s the Difference?

CPA (Cost Per Action) and RevShare (Revenue Share) are two different revenue models used in affiliate marketing. CPA is a revenue model where an affiliate receives a fixed amount of money for each action a user takes after clicking on their affiliate link. These actions could be anything from making...


What Is a Virtual Credit Card

In the current digital era, the concept of virtual cards has revolutionized the way people make online purchases. With an increase in the number of online transactions, the need for secure and efficient payment methods has become more apparent. Virtual cards are an innovative solution to this problem. In this...


Maximizing Profit: Understanding Verticals in E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing

What are Verticals? In affiliate marketing, a vertical refers to a category of promoted goods. These can be anything from physical goods to digital products, services, or even mobile apps. Each vertical is categorized based on how strictly it follows the rules of advertising on the platform, with “white” verticals...


What is 3D-Secure?

3D-secure is a security protocol that provides an extra layer of protection for online credit and debit card transactions. It is designed to prevent fraudulent transactions by requiring cardholders to verify their identity before making an online purchase. 3D-secure is becoming increasingly important for virtual card trust, especially as the...


What Is BIN and Why It's Important For Media Buying?

In the world of digital advertising, media buyers must be extremely careful when choosing payment methods for advertising campaigns. One of the most important factors to consider is the Bank Identification Number (BIN) of a payment card. BIN, also known as Bank Identification Number, is a unique set of digits...

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