In today's digital world, advertising is one of the most powerful tools that businesses and individuals use to grow their brand and reach new customers. However, traditional payment methods for advertising, such as wire transfers or bank cards, can be time-consuming and risky (for advertising campaigns). That's where virtual payment cards (VCC) come in, and more specifically, trusted virtual cards from PST.NET
In this article, we will explore why virtual cards from PST are the best credit cards for Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and how they can help businesses and individuals save time, money, and avoid risk.

Virtual Cards vs. Traditional Payment Methods

As the world moves towards a more digital economy, virtual payment methods are becoming increasingly popular. Virtual cards are one such method that has been gaining traction in recent years. Virtual cards are a type of payment card that exist only in electronic form, and are not issued physically. This is in contrast to traditional payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash, which all require physical presence.

1.1 Advantages of Virtual Cards over Traditional Payment Methods

Virtual payment cards offer several advantages over traditional payment methods. For example, they are quicker and more convenient to use, as they don't require any physical card to be shipped or stored. Moreover, virtual cards are safer to use online, as they reduce the risk of card fraud and unauthorized transactions. Additionally, virtual cards can help businesses and individuals keep track of their spending, as they can set individual limits for each type of operation.

1.2 Limitations of Virtual and Physical Cards

Despite the benefits of virtual cards, they do have some limitations. For instance, virtual cards can only be used for online transactions, so they cannot be used for in-store purchases. Moreover, some restrictions on merchant (MCC) codes may apply as well. However, there is always a possibility to link virtual cards to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay so their owners can pay with their smartphones in offline stores.

1.3 Security and Fraud Prevention Measures for Virtual Cards

To ensure the safety of virtual card transactions, PST.NET offers several security and fraud prevention measures. For example, PST virtual cards use 3D Secure technology, which adds an extra layer of authentication to each transaction. Additionally, PST.NET systems monitor each transaction in real-time to detect any suspicious activity so PST virtual payment cards do have perfect reputation in the eyes of merchants.

1.4 How PST.NET Can Be Useful for Managing Virtual Cards Securely

PST.NET provides a user-friendly platform for managing virtual cards securely. Businesses and individuals can easily create and issue virtual cards, set spending limits, monitor transactions, and track expenses. Moreover, PST.NET offers a dedicated customer support team to help users resolve any issues or concerns related to virtual cards.

Why Using a Physical Cards for Advertising is a Big Mistake

Using a physical credit card for advertising can be a big mistake for several reasons. Firstly, physical cards can be easily lost or stolen, which can result in unauthorized transactions and financial losses. Secondly, using a physical card for online transactions can expose the cardholder to potential security risks, such as identity theft or phishing scams. Lastly, physical cards can be subject to daily spending limits and transaction fees, which can add up quickly and increase the cost of advertising. Moreover, physical cards with Platinum Credit and higher status are hard to obtain, whereas there are services like PST.NET which can provide you with a trusted VCC payment solution for any advertising platform. Card status is a very important term when it’s time to buy Facebook ad credit.

Top Reasons to Use PST Virtual Cards for Advertising

There are several reasons why businesses and individuals should consider using PST virtual payment cards for Facebook and Google advertising campaigns which all are gonna be explained below:

2.1 Save Yourself from Blocked Cards and Risk Payments

One of the biggest issues media buyers and affiliate marketers face when using traditional credit cards for advertising is the risk of blocked transactions. This can happen when a bank sees unusual activity on the card and blocks it for security reasons. This can lead to missed opportunities and delayed campaigns, which can be costly for businesses. With virtual PST cards, there's no need to worry about blocked transactions. The cards are designed specifically for online transactions, reducing the risk of bans and ensuring smooth transactions.

Besides, advertising platforms tend to block suspicious payment methods as well, that is called “risk-payment ban” and it happens to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity on the platform. This is why when running an advertising campaign cards from trusted banks and providers are preferential.

2.2 The First 100 Cards are Free of Charge

Big advertising spend requires detailed testing of payment tools, which is why PST.NET offers the first 100 virtual cards free of charge (another reason why PST cards are the best credit cards for Facebook ads). This makes it easy for marketing teams to get started with online advertising without any payment hassles.

2.3 Campaign Setting and Management, Simplified

Managing campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads can be a complex process, especially when it comes to payments, as it is hard to buy Facebook ad credit. PST.NET provides a user-friendly platform for setting up and managing the payment side of all advertising campaigns. PST users can easily create virtual payment cards, deposit them with a crypto or other methods, set individual spending limits, and track expenses in real-time. There is an enriched team functional where team leaders can appoint and disable members, manage cards and budgets, set roles and imply restrictions by merchant codes (MCC) as well as other limits. This can help teams to stay on top of their advertising spending and make data-driven decisions

2.4 Unique BINS

PST.NET's virtual cards come with unique BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) that are specifically designed for online transactions. This reduces the risk of risk payments and makes transactions more secure for advertisers. When arising a question, what are the best credit cards for Facebook and Google Ads, ones with a wide variety of unique BINs is the answer.

Variety of unique BINs can be beneficial for media buying teams in many ways, yet the main one is the ability to choose the solution that works best for you. Running ads on any platform (like buy facebook ad credit) is a complex process with many variables, and an opportunity to choose BINs plays a big role when choosing any service provider. PST.NET has more than 25+ BINs, and its widest variety of unique BINs on the market.

2.5 Deposit fee from 3%

Unlike traditional credit cards and some virtual card providers that charge high deposit rates, PST.NET offers a deposit fee starting at just 3%. This makes it more affordable for businesses and individuals to use virtual payment cards for their online advertising needs. Besides, PST charges 0% fees for all transactions (even declined transactions) as well as for the transactions from the blocked cards and withdrawals from the card.
With VCCs from PST, you can enjoy fast, secure, and reliable payments for your Facebook and Google Ads. You can top up your account balance in any convenient way, including bank transfer, credit card, or crypto (BTC, USDT). In other words, it’s the best credit card for advertising.

2.6 3D Secure is Available

PST virtual cards come with 3D Secure, which provides an extra layer of protection for your online transactions. 3D Secure is an authentication protocol that requires you to enter a one-time password from SMS or push-notification to complete your transaction. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your account and ensures that your transactions are safe and secure. Besides, for getting a card with 3DS you don’t need any mobile number, as security codes come straight to your account in web app or Telegram (if you enable this feature in your account settings).

2.7 Top Up Your Account in Any Convenient Way

PST.NET offers a variety of convenient ways to top up your account, including bank transfers, Visa/Mastercard, and crypto (BTC and USDT in automatic mode and ERC through support ticket). This makes it easy for businesses to manage their advertising budgets and keep their campaigns running smoothly.

2.8 Instant Virtual Cards Issuance

Traditional credit cards can take days or even weeks to arrive in the mail. With PST.NET, businesses can get their virtual payment cards instantly, allowing them to start their campaigns right away.

With instant virtual cards issuance, you can quickly adapt to changes in your advertising strategy and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. This feature makes it easier for you to stay ahead of the competition and achieve better results from your advertising campaigns.

2.9 Transparent Pricing

One of the best things about using PST virtual cards for Facebook and Google Ads campaigns is the transparent pricing. With no hidden fees or charges, you can easily track your spending and budget accordingly when you buy Facebook ad credit. PST.NET charges only a deposit fee from 3%, which is considerably lower than any competitors on the market. This means you can save a lot of money on transaction fees and allocate more of your budget towards your actual advertising campaigns.


Virtual cards from PST are the best option for anyone looking to advertise on Facebook and Google. With their unique features, virtual payment cards offer convenience, security, and cost savings that cannot be matched by traditional payment methods. PST.NET, in particular, offers a range of benefits that make it the perfect choice for managing your virtual cards securely and easily, making them literally the best credit cards for Facebook Ads. From unique BINs and 3D Secure to instant card issuance and low rates, PST.NET has everything you need to make your advertising campaigns a success.

If you're looking for a safe and reliable way to manage your Facebook and Google Ads spending, look no further than virtual crypto cards PST. Sign up today to experience the benefits of virtual payments and take your advertising campaigns to the next level!


Does Facebook Accept Virtual Visa Cards?

Yes, Facebook accepts virtual Visa cards for advertising. In fact, virtual cards are often the preferred payment method for Facebook Ads due to their resilience.

Which Card is the Best for Facebook and Google Ads?

Virtual crypto cards from PST.NET are among the best cards for advertising on Facebook and Google. With their unique features and reasonable pricing, PST cards offer unparalleled convenience.

Can I Use a Virtual Card for Google Ads?

Yes, you can use virtual cards for Google Ads as those virtual payment cards don’t have any problems with linking to Google Ads advertising accounts or with advertising payments.

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