⚡️Great news from PSTNET

News #1. We made transaction history even more convenient 🧐
News #2. We added a long-awaited function for media buyers – now users can see extended data about the status of transactions (HOLD & REFUND) *

So, all PSTNET users now have access to new grouping features (in addition to regular transaction history):
– By card
– By day
– By week
– By month
– By team members (for team accounts)
– By tags (coming soon)

Besides, there is a special PRO-mode now available in Payments section, which allows our users to track current HOLD status, and be aware of all REFUNDs.
We understand how important such data is for precise advertising campaign planning, and our users’ needs are top priority for us. As always.

* For PST.NET users only ❤️

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