What cashback options do we offer?

There are several cashback options depending on your subscription plan. On PST PRIVATE S option (limited availability) the amount is limited to $150/month and on M and L to $450 and $3000 relatively. 

We must note that extensions you buy do not influence your cash back limits, so if you have 50+ cards as a part of extra package, your limits won’t go up from $150 to $450. 

In case your monthly turnover grows, we advise upgrading to a larger subscription package so you get maximum benefits with PSTNET. 

For L package users: we’re considering implementing an XL option. If you’re interested – let our support know. 

What cards can be purchased as a part of PRIVATE subscription?

To put it simply - any. We have all our cards available for purchasing to PRIVATE subscribers, whereas available BINs range for ordinary users is limited.

Though, the card usage terms vary: the top-up fee for all advertisement cards is lowered to 3% whereas on Ultima cards it is still 8%. Moreover, we add cashback rewards for advertisement spending on advertisement cards only, there will be no rewards for Ultima card purchases. 

The most important question: when will I get my cashback?

When subscription month ends. For example, if you purchased the subscription on January, 15th, you prolong it on February, 15th. You get the cashback on the same date, and in case it is sufficient to cover the next month payment, it’s gonna be automatically deducted from your USD balance. All the extra funds will be left on your USD account. 

For example, if you earned $450 on Medium plan and you don’t have any extensions, $269 will be used to cover next month’s subscription and the rest $181 will appear on your USD balance. 

Subscribe to PRIVATE and boost your ROI 🧡

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