Case 1: Subscription package 

Let’s imagine that you bought the S package. So, in the beginning, you have 10 slots available.

Then, throughout the month, you can add 10 cards of any kind there: for Facebook or Google Ads or Ultima one, each one will take just one slot, and you don’t need any additional funds to issue those. Then, throughout the month, you block 5 cards as you don’t need them anymore. What’s going to happen next? 

First, literally nothing, Blocked cards will remain in their slots till the end of subscription period. Then, upon renewal, these blocked cards will empty the slots, so you can purchase new cards during the next subscription period. Quite simple, actually.

What happens to the cards if you cancel the subscription? They all deactivate. 

Case 2: Subscription package PLUS extensions.

Not every time things go as planned, and this is why we have extension packages in case you need more cards during the same month. How are the cards distributed then? Let’s find out! Again, let’s take S package as an example, and add an extension for 10 more cards there. 

First, obviously, the cards will take all the slots in the primary package, and when it is full - new ones will be added to extension slots. Then, in case you decide to deactivate 10 cards total, half in the primary package, half  in the extension, the slots availability next month will look the following way.

The blocked cards in the main package will free slots accordingly, as well as ones in the extension package will. Cards are assigned to the slots, so you cannot transfer ones from the extension to the main package and vice versa. In case you don’t need the extension anymore - it’s better to block all the cards issued as a part of it, or the cards will be deactivated automatically when the extension is canceled. 

In case you purchase new cards while having slots in the main package and the extension both, first cards will take the main slots (orange on the picture), and then - extension ones (we marked them yellow). The same will happen if you have multiple extensions with cards there – first the main package will be filled, and then - the extension ones accordingly.

In any way, if you have any difficulties with understanding how our subscription worlds, our support will be happy to assist you 24/7 through Telegram bot, WhatsApp and email.

Stay tuned for future blog updates, and your suggestions for the topic are always welcome!

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