If you're looking to advertise on TikTok, using a virtual card is an essential part of your strategy. PSTNET offers the best virtual cards for TikTok advertising, with unique BINS, no limits on spend and number of cards, and hassle-free launch of ads with 3D Secure also available.

Why Use Virtual Cards for TikTok Ads?

Using a virtual card for TikTok ads is the best way to optimize your advertising budget while avoiding account suspension. When you use a virtual card, you can control your spending and ensure that your advertising budget is being used effectively. Besides, multiple VCCs for TikTok ads cards allow you to streamline your business processes more effectively with team functions, like employee management, setting limits for team members, instant transfers of cards and funds between member’s accounts and more.

1.1 Using a Card That Is Not Linked to Another Ad Account

When you use a virtual card from PSTNET, you can be sure that it is unique, and not linked to any other ad account. This is important because if your card is linked to another account that is suspended or banned, your own account could be suspended as well. By using a virtual card that is not linked to any other account, you can avoid this risk and keep all your accounts active.

1.2 Using a Credit Card That Is Missing Important Details

Another important feature of PSTNET virtual cards is that they do not contain any sensitive financial information. When you use a traditional credit card to pay for TikTok Ads, you may be required to provide information such as your name, address, and credit card number. This information could be compromised if your account is hacked or if TikTok experiences a data breach. By using virtual crypto cards from PSTNET to pay for TikTok Ads, you can ensure that your personal and financial information remains secure. Premium VCCs from pst.net are provided along with necessary ZIP code and address to use as for billing information, so they not only secure your personal data, but lower the risk of your payment being declined.

Benefits of Virtual Cards for TikTok Ads

In addition to providing extra security and avoiding account suspension, PSTNET virtual cards offer a number of other benefits for TikTok advertising. One of the key benefits is the ability to have a unique BINS. BIN (Bank Identification Number) contains information about the card's bank, status and more. So why is it important for digital advertising? Because the higher level of BIN’s trust for an advertisement platform, the easier it is to achieve higher billing thresholds and ensure running of ads with no problems.

2.1 Unique BINS

Unique BINS are an essential feature of PSTNET virtual cards. Ordinary users have access to 10+ BINs, and members of the Private program have access to more than 20 BINs. This allows users to choose the best option for their account settings, as we all know that not only VCC plays its role for running TikTok ads.

2.2 Unlimited Cards

Another benefit of PSTNET virtual cards is that you can create an unlimited number of cards with unlimited spend. This means that you can easily control your spending and optimize your advertising budget with all the necessary tools and best virtual cards for TikTok advertising.

3. PST Solution for Hassle-Free Launch of TikTok Ads

Launching TikTok Ads can be a hassle, especially if you're using a traditional credit card to pay for them. PSTNET offers a hassle-free solution to pay for TikTok Ads with an unlimited number of premium virtual payment cards, unique BINS, and 3D Secure available.

3.1 PST Private

PST Private program is available for users with monthly spend of more than $30k. That program offers the best terms on the market for media buyers and provides them with free cards and a top-up fee of just 2%. Even more variety of BINs, cards with Premium Credit status, and dedicated support manager who will ensure that you have everything you need to use cards for TikTok Ads. Team functions and enhanced financial reports will give you all necessary info about your advertisement spends & holds, and allow you to manage your media buying or affiliate marketing team with ease.

3.2 Deposit Fee from 2%

PSTNET virtual cards also offer a low deposit fee, starting at just 2%. This makes it easy to ensure that your advertising budget is being used effectively with no extra costs.

3.3 3D-Secure is available

Finally, PSTNET offers 3D Secure, an extra layer of security that protects your virtual card from unauthorized transactions. With 3D Secure, you can rest assured that your advertising budget is safe and protected. Besides, cards that support 3D-secure features have significantly more trust from any merchant, making these the best option to pay for anything online.

In conclusion, using virtual cards for TikTok Ads is an effective way to minimize the risk of account suspension. PSTNET offers the best virtual cards for TikTok advertising, with unique BINS, unlimited cards, and competitive deposit fees. With PST.NET, you can launch your TikTok advertising campaign hassle-free, while keeping your advertising account and personal information safe and secure.

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